When hiring a mold testing company in Manhattan, make sure you inquire about third-party mold testing.

You want someone you can trust when it comes to hiring a mold contractor to handle your mold problem, whether it be a home, a business, a medical center, or another facility. You may be proud of a business relationship established on trust. That is why developing trust with each of our clients is a primary goal.

Third-party mold testing NY is one of the essential ways we do this. We feel that third-party testing gives us a significant competitive advantage and that it is a vital display of our dedication to client confidence and assistance. We want our clients to be well-informed about their mold problems and capable of making key mold-related decisions. Mold testing by a third party aids us in this endeavor. Here’s how to do it.

Why is Mold Testing by a Third Party So Important for Mold Contractors?

Third-party mold testing is vital, according to mold testing companies, for two main reasons.

The first is the issue of accountability. When you engage a professional mold inspection company to test your home, they will bring sophisticated equipment that can detect mold through walls, ceilings, and other hurdles. That means they can locate mold you may not even be aware of and collect samples. They may extract samples from mold in an HVAC system or under external cladding and stucco, depending on how accessible the mold is. That is all there was to the on-site testing. When they take those samples to the lab, the real job begins.

Mold testing will be performed on those samples at the laboratory to discover the type of mold you are dealing with (there are thousands of species of mold, and not all of them can be handled similarly). Your mold contractor will approach the problem in a variety of ways, depending on the severity of the issue. This is why mold testing by a third party is so vital. It is a conflict of interest if your mold removal company conducts the testing themselves. A contractor may prefer to execute the more complex (and thus more expensive) treatment, and if they conduct their own testing, they may discover that this is required. Third-party testing ensures that a neutral party determines the scope of the mold problem.

This drives us to the second reason for mold testing company existence: empowerment. If your mold testing company uses third-party testing but never shows you the results, that company is still in charge of your mold remediation options. As a result, the mold testing business has the third-party tester provide the results directly to you, the customer. When you obtain the lab’s results, you will be able to see what kind of mold you are dealing with, and you will be able to decide whether or not to proceed.

Mold Testing NY takes its client relationships extremely seriously, and third-party mold testing is an excellent example of that commitment. Connect with us right now if you have any inquiries about mold testing!

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