Verplanck Mold Testing

Mold Testing Service in Verplanck, Westchester County

Mold Testing NY is one of the mold remediation companies that use multiple testing methods, both before and after mold treatment, to provide effective services. Mold inspection and testing in Verplanck are quite crucial because mold can cause serious health issues and is one of the main concerns of homeowners today. If you suspect that you may have a problem with mold or other odor-causing microbes, then you can call experts from our company as we assure to offer the best services. Above all, we guarantee to make your home or office a better space. 

Our Certification and Warranty

After treatment, you will receive documentation backing our services. A certification will be issued for your property. This certification proves the property has completed the antimicrobial tests in creating a healthier environment. The documents are most likely to help you and your family rest ensure you live in a healthier home. Warranty is transferable if you are planning to sell your house. 

At Mold Testing NY, we have several satisfied residents and business owners who rely on us for effective mold testing services. We are available throughout to address mold concerns efficiently. Ideally, mold can enter your house through open doorways, windows, vents, and HVAC systems. Hence, it does become important to get rid of them at the earliest before they create an issue and harm the health of the people living inside the house or working in offices.

The Mold Testing Process at Mold Testing NY

Firstly, we start by visually inspecting for mold and physically inspecting common mold sites that are in basements, underneath sinks, and around air vents. You need to know that mold inspection can take up to an hour. Samples are sent out overnight, and results are quick: After 4-5 days, your mold inspection report, and a 15-20 full-page analysis, will be available to you. Our experts will educate you about the issues with your home and mold situation and explain what your potential solutions are.

Hence, you can call us for any mold inspection and expect to get the best service.