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Mold Testing Service in Chappaqua, Westchester County

If mold has been lurking around your house, office, garage, clinic, etc., then you indeed are at risk. Often, we tend to ignore the presence of mold by giving it a blind eye, which is the biggest mistake we indulge in. Mold is considered toxic and hazardous to human life as it can spread various harmful diseases. Especially people who are sensitive should definitely take extra precautions. Hence, you should immediately contact the professionals at Mold Testing NY. We are one of the best mold testing companies in Chappaqua, Westchester County.

The Easy Mold Testing Process Carried Out by Mold Testing NY

One of the challenging parts of the mold testing process carried out by experts at Mold Testing NY is detecting the mold. Once the detection part is done, then 50% of the battle is won. It is considered a challenging part because mold is tiny in its appearance, and with the naked eyes, it isn’t easy to spot the mold. Hence, one does need the assistance of professionals and high-end tools to inspect the mold. This is precisely where the role of mold testing experts at Mold Testing NY comes into play. 

Our process is simple yet straightforward. Once we book an appointment, we do a thorough walk through the property to visually assess the mold. We also give a visual report. Of the infected area, we take the samples and send them to the laboratory for testing. The lab test results come in within 3-5 days. Once the results are inspected, a customized strategy is planned to help the molds get rid of.

In terms of our analysis, we have a separate team with intricate details and experience to analyze and study the mold report in detail and then come up with their conclusion.

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If you have been irritated with molds’ problem over time, you do not need to worry at all, as we have got your back. You can reach out to us via call, email, text, or website, and our professionals will reach out to you at the earliest. 

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