More homes and businesses are affected by mold than you might believe. It’s all over the place. It is a part of everyone’s lives, whether they like it or not. In fact, you’re probably breathing it in right now as you read this. It can be beneficial in some situations, such as when it is used to make some of our favorite cheeses. However, it can be hazardous in other situations, such as the many illnesses and deaths it has caused. Because it is such an important part of our life, we feel that everyone should have at least a basic understanding of it and should get professional mold testing in the Bronx as soon as possible.

The 25 Mold Facts to Know

  1. Bleach does not eradicate mold and is not recommended by industry experts. After being treated with bleach, it normally grows back within weeks.
  2. A number of pregnancy losses have been attributed to long-term exposure.
  3. Before purchasing a home, all purchasers should have it inspected. Even newly constructed dwellings might experience active growth.
  4. Multiple Sclerosis can be caused by long-term exposure.
  5. Micro-spores can be found practically anywhere, both indoors and out. It only becomes an issue when a large number of spores are present in a given location.
  6. There are almost 10,000 different species.
  7. In many cases, homeowner insurance coverage does not cover mold-related damages.
  8. Even spores that have died might create health concerns.
  9. Daily illnesses and symptoms have been associated with exposure, including sinus infections, cold/flu-like symptoms, headaches, and memory loss.
  10. Organic materials just need to be exposed to excessive dampness for 24 to 48 hours to start growing.
  11. It may grow on any porous organic substance.
  12. On glass or concrete, growth is not possible. It can, however, grow on the dust that collects on these materials.
  13. Mold has been linked to some asthma cases, according to research.
  14. Property values are lowered when there is a serious infestation.
  15. Mold can affect one out of every four persons.
  16. Infestation usually indicates a structural flaw that allows moisture to get in.
  17. Mold can be found in some foods, such as bleu cheese.
  18. Allergies are common throughout the Christmas season because of vigorous growth on Christmas trees.
  19. Mildew is simply mold in its early stages of growth.
  20. More than half of all homes have some sort of pollution issue.
  21. Active growth can be aided by humidifiers.
  22. Mold will develop through the paint if you try to paint over it.
  23. It is a significant part of nature in the outdoors. Toppled trees, fallen leaves, and dead animals are all broken down by it.
  24. Homes/buildings constructed during rainy seasons are more likely to exhibit active growth when they are finished.
  25. Slime molds, which are typically found in woods, have the ability to move.


You know what to be aware of now that you have a basic understanding. To help stop mold growth in your house or business, use these 25 mold facts. Consider the following scenario: To reduce the likelihood of early growth, avoid building a new home during rainy seasons. To be a preventative expert, you don’t have to be an expert!

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