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Mold Testing Services in Smithtown, Suffolk County

If you notice or sniff something out of the ordinary or are concerned about the indoor air quality of your home or office in Smithtown, Suffolk County, the certified expert members at Mold Testing NY are here to assist. We offer honest air and surface mold testing in Smithtown without a conflict of interest. We take pride in the fact that our clients can trust the results we provide them are the fact.

If you have lately undergone water damage or are buying/leasing a new piece of real estate, it is a smart decision to get a mold testing in Smithtown, Suffolk County. Wet building substances like drywall, insulation, and wood develop mold growth very quickly in proper situations. If a problem gets difficult enough, the property’s indoor air quality can suffer, and the people within may encounter health impacts. Getting air samples will make sure that water intervention did not begin the mold growth problems. This is the unique way to discover whether or not your indoor environment has been disrupted by 100%.

Having all these details at our disposal is crucial data in deciding what does or does not need to be done in your home or company. We gladly tell clients if levels are common, and they need no additional action since we do not profit in any manner from the removal process. For the unlucky clients that will have to perform some sort of mold removal, the samples we accumulate give relevant information. Our report will be evidence that a problem endures, where the cause is, and what requires to be done to repair it. A removal company will really favor our expertise on the remediation process as they will not have to speculate about what requires to be completed.

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