Shelter Island Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Shelter Island, Suffolk County

The presence of mold at the property could be the most obnoxious thing, and we don’t have to deal with unwanted creatures in an area where we live or work. Mold Testing NY is a top-notch mold testing company in Shelter Island, Suffolk County. Please make sure you get in touch with our experts at the earliest.

The Mold Testing Process at Mold Testing NY in Shelter Island

  1. First Stage:In the first stage, our technicians visit the property and take a thorough tour of it. This stage’s primary aim is to understand if there is mold present at the property or not. There are times when you might suspect the problem of mold, but in reality, there would not be mold present; in such a case, our experts will always give a casual report to you about whatever the situation is.
  2. Second Stage:If in the first stage, our technicians detect the presence of mold at home, then they move on to the second stage. Every area of the house is thoroughly checked and tested by using advanced technical tools. Once the testing is done, our experts take mold samples of the infected area and send them to the lab. However, as the lab report does take about 2-3 days to come, till that time, our experts give out a verbal report about the whole mold situation.
  3. Third Stage:In the last stage, the final report is given. As soon as the lab report comes, our technicians do a thorough analysis and provide a detailed report of the mold problem. The report explains the intensity of the mold and how much it can harm the people living at the property.

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