East Northport Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in East Northport, Suffolk County

If you suspect mold growing at your property, then it is high time you get in touch with a professional mold testing company in East Northport, Suffolk County, who will test the presence of mold. Mold testing NY specializes in providing premium quality mold testing services for all.

What are the Three Levels of Mold Testing?

Level 1: There is something known as ‘Limited Mold Sampling,’ which means that this kind of sampling detects the mold presence in the areas which the client indicates. Although this sampling method is faster, convenient, and more affordable, limited sampling has a limited scope in reality. Hence, this is where Mold Testing NY, a leading mold testing company in East Northport, stands out. Instead of providing limited mold sampling, our experts offer a 360-degree mold sampling to avoid the missing detection of mold in the property area.

Level 2: At this level, the experts at Mold Testing NY do thorough visual testing of the house and look for certain red flags of the presence of mold in the property. In case there are any suspects or red flags, then the team carries out the second layer of thorough sampling. Once the testing is over, a visual report is given to the client to tell them the stage where mold is and how much harm it can provide to both the belongings and the people living on the property.

Level 3: At this stage, the testing is extensive. The specialists make sure to take the detected and infected area samples and send them to the third-party labs for further testing. It takes approximately 3-4 days for the written report from the lab to come. Once the lab report comes, our experts go through it in detail and then put it across to the clients.

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