Westbury Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Westbury, Nassau County

Mold Testing NY is the leading provider of mold testing services in Westbury, Nassau County. We offer residential and commercial mold testing services for homeowners, property administrators, hospitals, attorneys, insurance corporations, schools, and health care experts to assess water damage and mold growth situations in their homes and offices.

Many of our mold testing and air quality testing services are delivered in response to resident health complaints.

To ensure the accuracy of mold test results, all mold samples obtained during a mold inspection are examined by the accredited laboratory associated with our mold testing company in Nassau County. Our mold testing reports cover all the information related to the mold inspection.

Inclusions of Our Mold Testing Service in New York City

  1. Assess levels of musty/mold-growth associated odors.
  2. Recognize surfaces exposing water damage and/or mold growth situations.
  3. Take air samples for laboratory examination as may be needed to discover if indoor air quality is being influenced by mold growth conditions.
  4. Take surface/bulk samples for laboratory study to assess/document mold growth as may be required.
  5. Take moisture degrees and assess water damage sources (e.g., rainwater invasion, pipe leaks, condensation) in regions displaying water damage or that are sensitive to becoming wet.
  6. Create a mold remediation plan based on the measurements and test outcomes.
  7. Give a verbal report of any introductory findings at the time of the inspection. The written report is assigned within a few days of our getting all lab results (the lab results are declared in two to three days).

Airborne Mold Testing in Westbury

Airborne mold sampling for lab examination is performed by the experts at our company to assess the levels of airborne mold spores to ascertain whether there may be a vulnerability health danger to you or your family. Laboratory outcomes are defined by analyzing indoor levels and outdoor levels.

If you also need mold testing services in Westbury, NY, then directly get in touch with us at Mold Testing NY. We will help you tackle the issue right away!