South Valley Stream Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in South Valley Stream, Nassau County

Are you a proud citizen of South Valley Stream, Nassau County? Have you discovered dark spots appearing on the concrete wall in your darkroom in the basement? Or maybe on the ceiling tile in your family room, kitchen, or bedrooms. If yes, you will want to connect with Mold Testing NY in South Valley Stream, Nassau County. Why? Well, you might have an indoor air quality problem and need mold testing.

Who Are Mold Testing NY?

Mold Testing NY is an authorized, accredited mold testing company, serving all Nassau County neighborhoods. We have qualified technicians who have the experience and tools to evaluate whether your home or business has mold. If you do have a mold problem, we can identify it with ability and competence.

How Do We Assess an Area?

  • The initial step is fixing up a suitable time to reach your home or business. We will equip you with an honest evaluation of your area. If you do not have a mold problem, we will gladly report this to you after our process completion.
  • When we reach your home, we will use specifically created traps to take two air samples.
  • If we notice visible mold in your living or workspace, we will take some samples for testing.

What is the Following Steps?

After inspecting your home and business and taking away the samples, we give them to a laboratory. We perform this because we are bound to an impartial process.

When we get the laboratory reports, we check if you have a mold problem or not. If you do, we will also know precisely what type of mold is growing on your premises.

Call for Mold Testing in South Valley Stream Now!

Homeowners and business owners in and around South Valley Stream that are concerned about indoor mold growth can count on Mold Testing NY for mold testing services. You can schedule an appointment for mold testing online. We will acknowledge your inquiry and get back to you. Call us today!