Saddle Rock Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Saddle Rock, Nassau County

At Mold Testing NY, mold is in our DNA. We have been doing mold testing for years in Saddle Rock, Nassau County. We have assessed thousands of sites with 100% successful results. Our company evaluates mold and test mold, which means we have handled a lot of molds. Mold experience pays off.

Mold testing in Saddle Rock, Nassau County, needs honest evaluations of homes and businesses to evaluate whether indoor mold growth is spoiling building materials and personal things and negatively affects indoor air quality and health.

Most people have never handled problems like this in the past, and if you are like most people, you have many questions and are apparently worried about the measures you should take. While each site has different properties, there are related situations that cause mold growth. Our mold testing team in Nassau County goes through extensive training and gets linked with mold assessments, giving them a balanced experience with mold. If there is a mold problem, we will discover it, conclude what caused it, how you can approach it, and guarantee mold growth doesn’t come back.

Mold Testing Process at Mold Testing NY, Nassau County

  • Our mold testing starts with questioning the building owner or resident regarding the cause of the mold concern. (We discover real estate transactions to be a foremost driver of mold testing.)
  • We conduct a visual inspection of the premises (interior & exterior) for water damage and mold growth indications.
  • Take moisture reading of building substances (drywall) to assess if non-visible regions hold proper moisture levels for mold growth.
  • Get samples of mold growth. Testing can be done for both active (growing) and dead mold spores.

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