Roslyn Estates Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Roslyn Estates, Nassau County

The specialists at Mold Testing NY in Roslyn Estates, Nassau County, understand entirely how mold damage can go far beyond what is noticeable. We acknowledge where to see and what to see for when mold testing your property. We use specific tools to identify and assess mold levels in any provided area, allowing for detailed evaluations of current and possible future germinations.

When to Call for a Mold Inspector Test for Mold in Your Property?

  • Mold Inspection should be performed if buying any home, mostly if the home was empty or “as-is.”
  • Mold Testing should be conducted after any flooding or water damage situation.
  • Mold Testing should be performed whenever you discover a leak that has been there for more than 24 hours.
  • Mold Testing should be conducted if you smell or doubt mold but do not notice visible mold growth.
  • Mold Testing must be done if unexpected stains arise on furniture or building material.
  • Mold Testing should be conducted if your home residents undergo a long-term medical condition without an apparent cause.

Learn About Our Mold Testing Process in Nassau County

Primary Mold Consultation

Clients reveal why they would like mold testing. Normally, they have noticed mold, smell a moldy odor, feel high moisture in the home, or have grown ill at home or a mixture of these.

Visual Mold Inspection

Searching for visual mold, water spots, moisture invasion. Examining doubtful areas with a surface damp meter or thermal imaging camera to identify further dampness in wall holes.

Mold Sampling

The visual examination and consultation will show which areas need to be air sampled along with an outside control sample. If a surface area has assumed visible mold, then a swab or a physical sample can be used to confirm the type of mold.


The mold testing report is written upon getting the lab report. The lab results are interpreted in the report, and visual conclusions are recorded. Suggestions can be made free of cost by the mold inspector. The lab outcomes are judicial documents and have unique identification numbers on them.

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