Rockville Centre Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Rockville Centre, Nassau County

Mold testing is the key to complete mold reduction. Comprehensiveness is essential to guarantee that mold treatment processes are done to your fulfillment. Mold testing lets us make sure your property is mold-free.

At Mold Testing NY in Rockville, Nassau County, we visually examine dampness and water invasion using infrared detection technology. If relevant, we will use air and surface samples to monitor mold spores, following the industry mold testing techniques and procedures. Keep in mind; you cannot count on what you notice or smell to determine the presence of mold! Ultimately, we submit our samples to a lab or a complete analysis.

Why Your Property Need Mold Testing?

The aim of performing mold testing is to give the property owner or decision-maker a clear understanding of the severity of the problem at hand. Mold testing is essential for many reasons, including:

  • To give an opinion for post-remediation testing.
  • To disclose possible hidden problems within the property.
  • To deal with dampness intrusion, which may explain beforehand unknown water events.
  • To help to define the scope of work needed for a successful remediation.

Several clients ask us how to identify if they have mold in the apartment. Any one of the following is a sign of mold:

You Notice It. You see mold. Visible mold grows fast and efficiently everywhere in your home or workplace.

You Smell It. You smell a moldy odor, which could indicate unknown mold by an unknown moisture origin.

You Sense It. Signs of mold-related health issues can include sinus infections, irritated throat, headache, coughing, redness, and weakness. People with pre-existing health ailments, including allergies, immune disorders, or transplant patients, maybe more seriously affected by the appearance of mold.

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Mold Testing NY provides complete mold testing reports and moisture control solutions. Our treatments are accurate while complying with the most modern standards and state obligations.

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