Plandome Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Plandome, Nassau County

Many health conditions are associated with untreated or unnoticed mold infiltration in residential or commercial premises. Even mild water damage and drainage can build an environment that is inclined to mold growth and damage. The professionals at Mold Testing NY in Plandome, Nassau County, provide comprehensive and accurate mold testing services. We strive carefully to make sure that the job is performed right.

Mold exposure can generate many diverse health impacts on the people in your family. People who are inclined to sensitivities may undergo hay fever, asthma, irritability of the eyes, nose, throat, or lungs, even skin problems like rashes and hives can happen. If you are in the Plandome, Nassau County area, give us a call for mold testing right away!

How Does Mold Testing NY Perform Mold Testing?

Air Sample Mold Testing- Our qualified professionals use air sampling equipment to test for airborne mold spores that may be in the air in your house. To collect an authentic reading, we will set up various mold testing areas throughout your home, as well as a control sample. We will then assign them to our lab to have them examined.

Surface Sample Mold Testing- Using immediate lift samples, we can accumulate noticeable molds and fungi from throughout your home and send them to our lab to have them classified. By this way of mold testing, we can identify the mold’s structure and growth patterns.

Mold Assessment and Site Inspection- All of our on-site mold testing team have achieved a training course. Our mold inspectors will recognize potential water sources adding to mold growth through our several techniques, identify areas of development, perform proper sampling, and provide a comprehensive report and professional references for remediation.

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Suspect mold? Don’t wait anymore! It is time to contact the mold testing company who can help you identify if your property has mold or not. Mold Testing NY is a professional mold testing company in Plandome, Nassau County, working for years in this industry. Visit us online and schedule your appointment for mold testing service now!