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Mold Testing Services in North Valley Stream, Nassau County

We, at Mold Testing NY, identify mold. We understand how it can sneak inside walls, behind washing machines in foundations, or high up in old lofts. And we understand that it can be harmful to inhale in its microscopic spores that can live in the air. Residents of North Valley Stream, Nassau County, can rely on the most trustworthy mold testing from us to assess properties and to suggest a plan to rid them of mold when needed.

Mold Testing NY is a well-established mold testing company with a reliable reputation. We proudly give our clients our best each day: top-notch experience, skilled professionals, and courteous staff. We are the most respected name out there when it comes to mold testing in North Valley Stream, Nassau County.

If you reside in Nassau County and want to know more about our company and services, please read on.

The primary thing that you should remember is that it is simpler to deal with a new mold problem than an old mold problem. Home and company owners profit when they promptly deal with an assumed mold problem, as it is more comfortable and less costly to contain and exterminate.

How Do We Test a Space for Mold?
  • When we get a call from a home or company owner, we schedule an appointment for mold testing.
  • We will hit your home or office and have a thorough look everywhere. We will also collect samples of your air and of any noticeable mold that we discover.
What Then?
  • We are committed to using an independent laboratory to check our samples. It is a portion of our dedication to you, giving a bias-free protocol.
  • We will get particular results from the laboratory.
  • We prepare an expert report that outlines and explains the results and lays how to fix the issue with the outcomes in our possession.
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