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Mold Testing Services in North New Hyde Park, Nassau County

A common misunderstanding is that only messy houses or buildings get mold; neat and tidy homes and companies are saved. The fact is that mold can be present everywhere, in any home, office, or building. Usually, the residents don’t recognize they have a mold problem and undergo severe health consequences. That’s why mold testing is so critical. Mold Testing NY is a top-rated mold testing company that services the North New Hyde Park area in Nassau County. We offer mold testing for both homes and businesses.

Mold Can Cause Sickness

Mold disperses spores that can make you ill, including triggering asthma attacks and other respiratory problems. Black mold can be very poisonous. A speck of mold the size of a dime comprises almost 500,000 spores. A mold problem in one room can drive to an entire building problem, as spores can readily move through prevailing air currents and HVAC systems and cross-contaminate the premises promptly. Our certified mold testing team can help you find what’s building the mold growth in your home or company through proficient mold testing.

Mold illness can induce sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, tingling or watery eyes, nose and throat, cold and postnasal drip, wheezing, redness, and more. If you believe you’ve been exposed to mold in your home or office, call us to book a meeting today.

When to Test for Mold?
  • If you breathe a moldy odor or notice mold
  • Post to flood, leakage, or sewage back-up
  • If people or pets are undergoing allergy-like signs
  • Before you do mold remediation
  • If the foundation, loft, or other space is damp
  • Before buying or selling any home or property, primarily if suspect mold was detected during a home inspection
  • If an ice dam has created on your roof and dripped into your home or office
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