North Merrick Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in North Merrick, Nassau County

Mold Testing NY has gained the honor of being recognized as the most reliable and committed mold testing company in North Merrick, Nassau County. When it comes to choosing the mold testing company that is honest, reliable, and dedicated, never miss a chance to call Mold Testing NY. With years of expertise and 100+ successful projects, we have been doing mold testing for all.

Our mold testing company is specialized in residential and commercial mold testing services. The expert team members at Mold Testing NY strive to offer only the best mold testing in Nassau County. We provide our clients with professional and knowledgeable consulting and mold testing results to help them live in safer surroundings.

What is Mold? What to Do If You Suspect Mold?

Mold is a natural living organism that appears and hovers in the air in the form of microscopic spores that flow in and out of a building through windows, doors, vents, HVAC systems, and many other places where air enters the premises. If you believe you have a mold problem in your house or office, then it is time to call a certified mold testing company like Mold Testing NY. We will evaluate the entire condition of your home and office, using the best tools and methods.

Our Nassau County Mold Testing Process
  • Upon receiving the call from our clients for mold testing service, we reach the destination for visual and manual assessment.
  • We collect samples from all the possible spaces where mold can grow. Our team also checks the potential areas for water intrusion that may cause mold and excessive moisture levels.
  • We click pictures of mold specimen origins and later determine the level of negative particles that are in increased indoor levels in comparison to the outdoor ones.
  • The samples are further sent to the lab to identify the presence of mold and the type of mold.
  • We provide the lab report to the client and suggest some references for mold remediation if mold presence is found.

For mold testing service, call us at Mold Testing NY today!