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While mold spores are a natural element of household and workplace dust, abnormally high amounts of mold spores can lead to a health hazard for humans. Even if not noticeable to the inexperienced eye, mold may be already in your home or office and may harm your well-being – so if you’re speculating anything, you should do mold testing of your home with the support of Mold Testing NY. We are an experienced team who is performing mold testing in Matinecock, Nassau County, for over a decade. We employ the best in the industry tools and techniques for mold testing. You can completely rely on our mold testing company for accurate results. We are easily accessible online. Schedule your appointment in Matinecock today!

Health issues connected with high amounts of airborne mold spores involve allergic reactions, asthma incidents, inflammations of the eye, nose, and throat, sinus congestion, and other respiratory issues. Occupants of homes with mold are at high risk for both respiratory diseases and bronchitis. If breathed by an immune-compromised person, some mold spores may start to build on living tissue and create further problems, and air quality testing is needed to detect whether there’s a threat from the mold.

The Mold Testing Process Followed by Mold Testing NY

Our mold testing procedure covers:

Mold air testing:

  • Evaluation of the concerned areas
  • Sampling one air sample of the outside area- control sample
  • Sampling each particular speculated areas
  • Submitting the samples to our lab to investigate and contrast between the control sample and the doubted areas samples
  • Complete lab report and data on your property’s mold situation

Mold swab/tape testing:

  • Estimation of the affected areas
  • Sampling each different suspected surface
  • Submitting the samples to our lab in order to examine the mold
  • Comprehensive lab report and information on your property’s mold condition

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