Massapequa Park Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Massapequa Park, Nassau County

Mold testing by Mold Testing NY in Massapequa Park, Nassau County, can help you conclude if your new home carries hidden black mold and other contagions that could risk the safety of your family. Our certified mold testing team is qualified to administer mold sampling as part of a whole home testing. Our team already obsessively watch for moisture in homes we examine (the prime cause for mold growth), but taking the supplementary step of commanding mold testing and mold sampling for your home. It can help find hidden sources of mold before it concerns your family.

How Do We Do It?

At Mold Testing NY in Massapequa Park, we use only approved laboratories for the examination of our mold spore samples to help assure correct results. Within 24 hours of your mold testing, we will provide you with a complete report that describes the kinds of mold present, the exposure level related to the outside of the home, and the level of exposure inside the house. The report is bound with details on mold problems combined with a simple to read summary that gives you a precise categorization of the number of mold spores located in the home. Defending yourself and your family from the damaging impacts of extreme mold spores in the home with mold testing could not be simpler.

Our home mold testing includes a thorough examination of every visually convenient element in the home, covering the roof, loft, exterior, interior, and crawlspace or foundation. We will record visual signs of possible mold problems, moisture invasion problems, and conditions favorable to mold growth (this part of the document will be uploaded on the day of the examination). If mold sampling is asked, we will then take one air sample inside the home and one air sample outside the home for identification. You can expect the results of the mold testing within 24 hours or less.

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