Long Beach Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Long Beach, Nassau County

Are you searching for a professional mold testing company near Long Beach, Nassau County? Mold Testing NY offers broad experience in property inspections. Each project begins with a comprehensive and thorough mold examination by our qualified staff to identify causes and conditions. Top of line industry-grade devices are used to discover and sample the mold. The most advanced monitoring tools and field examination machine is used to complete a precise analysis.

It is expected that over three thousand species of mold survive. Mold has the capacity to cause notable harm to your residence and commercial business. It can develop on wood products, ceilings, wallpaper, rug, and drywall.

Mold development can be worsened by water and fire damage. We provide Long Beach mold testing services, including a comprehensive visual inspection, and use various advanced tools to sample the amount of mold infection.

We also offer to test for microbial particles, moisture invasion, and air/bulk sampling. We can help you with a thorough written report at the finish of the project, including data and references to prevent additional exposure. Contact us to know more about our mold testing services in Long Beach, Nassau County vicinity.

The Tools Used by Our Company to Test for Mold

Mold testing is sometimes just that, arriving at a client’s house, rental property, or company. At another time, it is an examination into causes of water infiltration, broken pipes, destroyed building materials, and more.  

We usually use devices such as an infrared FLIR camera, hygrometer, and moisture meter through mold testing process.  

To assemble samples for a lab to test and decide if and what kind of mold is present, we use collection slides, cotton swabs, and other collecting media.

Get Written Documentation of Your Mold Testing

We take pride in our professional mold testing services. Upon completing the examination and interpretation of any samples, you will get a report that will show our findings and the research.

If you are also finding a mold testing company in Long Beach, Mold Testing NY will always be there to support you. Contact today!