Levittown Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Levittown, Nassau County

A comprehensive mold testing is a primary point for any suspected mold-related problem. Without mold testing, there’s no way to precisely discover how bad your mold problem is – or if one exists at all. The mold testing in Levittown, Nassau County, will enable us to conclude if you have mold, how severe it is, how to get rid of it accurately, and how to stop it from recurring. If you assume you have mold in your home, basement, attic or commercial building, or are worried about black mold or poisonous mold, call Mold Testing NY in Levittown, Nassau County, today.

What to Expect from Mold Testing Services?

01 Visual Examination:

A precise visual examination is the opening point for every residential or commercial mold testing service. We will be watching for situations that encourage mold growth.

02 Digital Documentation:

We document our conclusions through digital imaging to further determine the condition. We also take pictures of the concerned areas for mold testing purposes.

03 Airborne Mold Testing:

Our team collects the air samples to identify if the mold spore levels indoors are higher than they should be.

04 Surface Mold Testing:

We perform surface mold testing using mold swabs to know whether it is just water stains or mold. In several cases, surface mold testing is not mandatory if mold growth is noticeable visually.

05 Inner Wall Mold Testing:

When mold is speculated behind a wall or over a ceiling, those spots should be tested for mold. With the support of the latest mold testing methods and tools, our mold testing team collects air and surface samples from ceiling and wall cracks without causing any damage to your property.

06 Mold Testing Summary Report:

In just 48 hours after your home mold testing, our mold testing team will gather all of their conclusions and create an easy to read mold testing report.

07 Scope of Work:

If asked, our team will create a mold remediation plan particular to your property. Your scope of work will incorporate cleanup recommendations as well as preventative steps that are required to keep mold from recurring.

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