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Mold Testing Services in Great Neck Gardens, Nassau County

If you think you may have an indoor mold growth issue and are uncertain what to do next, pick up your cellphone and call Mold Testing NY to schedule your mold testing service in Great Neck Gardens, Nassau County. We’ll assign your appointment with one of our skilled mold testers to come out to the property you are worried about and conduct an evaluation. While on-site, they will also perform mold testing to get a clear understanding of the indoor air quality’s prevailing state. After they leave, the samples obtained are offered to a third-party lab for review. Clients with increased levels of mold spores are given a comprehensive report for what requires to be done to repair the problems.

Many people have been fortunate enough to dodge needing mold testing in Great Neck Gardens. If you come into that segment, you may be thinking about what precisely we do. Upon reaching, we’ll hear out your interests and have you tell the mold tester why you chose us. We generally begin in the area you are most worried about and start to check all other sites. The mold testing team will be watching for water intrusion, increased moisture, and noticeable mold. Detection instruments like moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras are applied to discover possible problems that cannot certainly be recognized with the naked eye.

Detect Mold Successfully Using Our Mold Testing Services

Clients that have mold tests explaining elevated levels or problematical species are given a comprehensive report with steps that should be performed by a licensed mold remediation company. Mold Testing NY is a “test only” company that runs without a conflict of interest. We do not offer remediation or removal of mold service. You can trust our results and carry on with the actions that are needed to be performed.

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Mold can be severe if not detected soon. To avoid such a situation, it is always good to connect with a mold testing company like Mold Testing NY to get your property tested for mold. Get in touch with us today!