Glen Head Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Glen Head, Nassau County

If mold bothers you inside your home or office, you have arrived at the right place. Mold Testing NY offers the whole state of Nassau County mold testing Glen Head without a conflict of interest. Our organization has no connection with the mold remediation process other than providing you with a complete protocol explaining the actions that need to be taken to correct a situation. This is only for situations where a problem does really exist. We have several clients whose lab outcomes show relatively healthy air, and we are pleased to relay that message as we do not profit either way.

Unless you have handled indoor mold growth previously, odds are you are slightly doubtful about the whole situation. What exactly is covered in your mold testing in Glen Head, Nassau County, and why must you have one? To sufficiently answer that question, you must understand a few things. First of all, all indoor environment has “regular” levels of mold. We start with two air samples, one of which is obtained from outside to build a baseline for average in your area. The second is gathered from the region of greatest concern inside your home or business. Additional air samples may be recommended to accumulate more information about the area in question. Our certified mold testing team will also suggest taking a surface sample whenever visible growth is present. All of the samples gathered are sent to an independent lab for interpretation.

What Does Our Mold Testing Include?

Our mold testing members are also provided with state of the art technology like moisture meters, C02/Humidity readers, and a thermal imaging camera to go along with sample acquisition. These are necessary tools for detecting problems before they become obvious to the naked eye. Once the lab gives us the results from your Glen Head mold testing, make a comprehensive report which will cover all of the findings from the visual examination. It will also have images and a specialized protocol for cases in which a mold problem is really present. Contact for mold testing service now!