Garden City South Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Garden City South, Nassau County

When it comes to mold, none of us enjoy their presence. Instead, we are always looking for multiple ways to get rid of them. Mold is present in almost all residential and commercial properties in Garden City South, but not many individuals are aware of its presence. 

Mold has its way of giving out multiple signs of its presence. If the building has a moldy smell, or recently if there has been water damage, you surely need to get your property tested. There are times when the people living at the property or building complain about unidentified health issues. All these are some of the obvious signs of mold. 

Instead of being in doubt throughout, it is better to have clarity of the situation. Mold Testing NY is a prominent mold testing company in Garden City South providing quality mold testing services. You can expect 100% authentic and honest results. Moreover, our professionals will give you both a detailed verbal and written report of the entire situation.

Clean the Appliances That Come in Contact with Water

The major appliances such as heat pumps, furnaces, air conditioners should be regularly cleaned, especially before using them seasonally. All the cooling and heating systems need a change of the filters as per the manufacturers’ direction.  Have the air-conditioning wall units and windows adequately cleaned and serviced, especially before the cold season. Air conditioners are the most significant source for the entry of mold in the property; hence, if appropriately maintained, the air conditioners can reduce mold access. Ensure the coils clean the coils and rinse the drain pans as per the manufacturers’ instructions. 

Clean all the moist surfaces such as showers, kitchen counters, etc.

Controlling dust is also an essential task, especially for people who have respiratory issues and suffer from allergies. 

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