Freeport Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Freeport, Nassau County

If you are here, we suspect you have a mold problem or a little uncertain about it. But do not worry. Mold Testing NY is a team of highly professional mold testing experts in Freeport. Get started with the mold testing service by calling us today!

Licensed Mold Testing Technicians 

At Mold Testing NY, a prominent and known mold testing company in Freeport, we have some strict rules and guidelines, and we adhere to each of them since inception. No matter how severe the issue could be, you do not need to worry at all. When it comes to providing mold testing services in Freeport, we have licensed mold technicians who know their job and have the official acceptance to do such services after passing the mandated test. We provide highly professional and customized services to the residents of Freeport. 

Premium Customer Service 

At Mold Testing NY, we put our years of experience and knowledge to work with every project and give in our best personally. For us, the most important thing which keeps us at the top is ‘Client Satisfaction.’ Right from carefully listening to your problem, making a customized strategy, using high-end tools and technologies, to giving you a detailed verbal and thorough report, we do it all. We make sure to go that extra mile to help you be at ease. We are committed to providing you the best mold testing services by using all our past expertise. 

Mold Testing Results You Can Trust 

Our mold testing services are not just accurate but also transparent. We adhere to every law of the government. We are an independently run company, which means that we will never push you towards getting mold remediation done if it is not required. We have no tie-ups with any other company. In case we detect no presence of mold at the property, we will honestly communicate the same to you. Hence, when it comes to ethics, we are fully committed to providing an ethical approach. 

You can certainly get in touch with our team if you suspect the presence of mold at your property and are looking for clarity.