Franklin Square Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Franklin Square, Nassau County

The appearance of mold in your house can cause severe health dangers. Mold Testing NY in Franklin Square, Nassau County, now offers a comprehensive, professional-grade mold testing package. A certified mold testing specialist employs only advanced technology to test and discover any mold issues accurately.

Are Home Mold Test Kits Useful Instead of a Mold Inspection?

Even though these kits are easily attainable, they have shown to be very unstable, and the results are normally not available for at least one week. We recommend avoiding mold test kits altogether.

Mold Test Kits Do Not Give Exact Answers

The problem with these instruments is that they originally only test for mold in the home. The mold testing kits that we are informed of are only “gravity” or “settling” plates, consisting of placing an open petri dish in the home for some time. It is about as helpful as setting out a plate of fruit and discovering whether mold will build on it or not. Given sufficient time, of course, it will! If you leave moist food on the kitchen counter for a few weeks, no one is amazed when mold forms. Discovering mold on that food does not imply that the house has a mold problem.

It’s essential to know that mold is everywhere; it’s throughout. Mold is present in houses, buildings, and in the outdoor air. It is on coverings and furniture — actually all over the place. If you open a petri dish and get a sample, you will possibly get mold developing on the petri dish. That’s not important information in determining if you have deeper problems within your house. And that is why you should use professional help provided by Mold Testing NY in Franklin Square, Nassau County.

Our team is 24*7 ready to help you with mold testing and determine your premises’ exact situation. We use the right equipment and tools to identify the presence of mold and its source.

If you are willing to use our mold testing services, get in touch with us online, and schedule your appointment immediately. We are looking forward to helping you!