Centre Island Mold Testing

Mold Testing Services in Centre Island, Nassau County

It is essential to take immediate action if you are in a dilemma whether the mold is present at the property or not. You can always count on Mold Testing NY, a renowned mold testing company in Centre Island, for thorough mold testing services.

In-Depth Mold Testing Process at Mold Testing NY

The mold testing process used by Mold Testing NY experts is tried and tested, which makes the entire process of identification and detection of mold effective and fast. Our mold testing process is divided into three stages:

  • At first, post your appointment, we start the most testing process by visually and physically inspecting the presence of mold at the property by raiding the common mold sites, including the basement, the area underneath the sink, around the air vents, etc. Mostly, mold is hidden in the least frequent places. However, the experts at Mold Testing NY are highly skilled and trained to detect 100% presence of mold, and they also make use of high-end tools for the same.
  • Once the inspection process is over, there could be two situations, which are

Mold is not present at the property – You can rely on us for being honest, as we will always report the actual situation. Suppose mold is not present at the property. In that case, we will communicate the same to you, as we have no tie-ups with any mold remediation company, and we operate individually.

Mold is present at the property – If we inspect the presence of mold at your property in Centre Island, then our professionals will take the mold samples sent to the third-party labs for testing further about the kind of mold available the intensity of its growth.

  • As the lab report takes about 3-4 days to arrive, our professionals give out immediate verbal clarity on the entire inspection to inform you about the situation. Once the lab report comes, the professional study and analyze the report and educate you about the mold issue.

In case you have doubted the presence of mold at your property in Centre Island, you can get in touch with us soon.