We have many new clients this time of year that has mold problems because their HVAC isn’t working properly. We want to make sure you’re aware of the problem so you can take steps to protect your home, starting with mold testing in NY. HVAC systems are thought to be responsible for more than half of all mold problems. But why is this mold so common in HVAC systems?

To begin with, it wants to throw a party whenever it comes across an area with high humidity and warm temperatures. During the heating and cooling of HVAC systems, several circumstances are formed. As a result, both over-sized and undersized systems provide the ideal environment for active growth. A unit that isn’t suitably proportioned has to work harder than it should. This causes more condensation than usual, which can quickly lead to a moisture problem. Standing water in condensation lines is a major issue. Mold will grow here, and every time your HVAC system kicks on, an excessive amount of spores will be dispersed throughout your home. Mold-friendly settings can also be created in HVAC systems by rain, snow, and other precipitating substances. Therefore, it is crucial to get mold testing in Nassau County done by the professionals.

The Symptoms of Mold in the HVAC System

Health Problems – Health issues associated with HVAC mold may be similar to those associated with mold growth elsewhere in your home. Coughing, wheezing, allergies, asthma, sneezing, pneumonia, sinus infections, and respiratory sickness are the most prevalent of these health symptoms. When these symptoms are not dependent on the location of the mold growth, if the mold is in your HVAC system, symptoms like coughing and wheezing may become more prevalent while the system is in use.

Sensory Symptoms – Sight and smell are two senses that can aid in the detection of HVAC mold. There is most definitely a mold problem if you observe a mold-like substance developing around your air ducts, drip pan, or intake vents. If the smell of mold is strongest when the system is turned on, there is most certainly a mold issue.

Mold Testing and Removal in New York

What should you do if you already have HVAC mold? The first thing you should do is to turn off your system. Mold in the HVAC system spreads quickly! Mold spores will blow throughout your ventilation system in large volumes every time you use your moldy system, and they may begin to grow in other areas of your home or office.

Aspergillus could grow in your property due to high humidity levels and excess moisture in your HVAC system. One of the most common mold species, Aspergillus, resembles dust and floats around like dandelions. When a person inhales an excessive amount of these spores, it produces Aspergillosis, a health disease that doctors sometimes neglect.

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