Choosing a reliable mold inspector in NYC is similar to finding a reliable doctor or mechanic. It takes some time and work, and mistakes and poor decisions can occur even with that effort. However, you can still improve your chances. We recommend getting a price quote from at least two (ideally more) mold inspection providers. We propose that you ask the following questions during the pricing quote:

Ask Your Mold Inspector or Company These Questions

(Note: Question about any certification requirements they have, either as a company or for the personnel who will be executing the work. There are numerous certificates available, with some demanding significantly more effort than others. Some are presumably pretty basic and, regrettably, do not imply qualification to conduct a mold check. Furthermore, while some may necessitate a significant amount of effort, they are unrelated to mold and have no bearing on it. Take time to look up the requirements for any certifications they list on the internet.)

(Tip: You are on the lookout for potential conflicts of interest. Is mold testing always recommended by the mold inspector? Or does he say that mold testing is not necessary in some cases?)

(Tip: You are on the lookout for potential conflicts of interest. They have a vested purpose in locating mold to clean up if they also provide remediation.)

(Tip: Paying for the complete mold testing job upfront should be avoided.)

Make sure you are comfortable with the company you will be working with in terms of communication and general manner. You should feel certain that your queries are being taken seriously, that you are being handled with respect, and that the mold inspection firm is looking out for your best interests.

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